AC/DC – Play Ball

AC/DC – Play Ball

Download another hot clean free mp3 audio song lyrics meaning by AC/DC and this music is titled “Play Ball”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of his old trended album which is titled ‘Rock or Bust’ which was released in the year “2014”.


Listen up with music video below!







Pick me up

Fill my cup

Pour me another round

Come on in, mix in the sin

Come in and join the crowd

I said it’s party time

When I’m on the loose

Make it feel alright

(Listen) Drinks all around

I’m in the mood

Because the night is mine

Let’s play ball

Shootin’ down the walls, yeah

Let’s play ball, baby

Battin’ down the stalls

Play, play, play ball

Listen Sid

Light me up

I’m in love

I’m off the leash and unbound

Dive on in and swim in the gin

Come on, shout it out loud

Let’s play ball

Shooting down the wall, yeah

Let’s play ball

Battin’ down the stalls, yeah

Play, play, play ball

Hit that thing right here

Hey, yeah

It’s a home run

Let’s play ball

Shooting at a wall

Let’s play ball

Battin’ down the stall

Let’s play ball

Let’s play ball

Let’s play ball

Play, play, play ball

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