Download another hot old mp3 free audio song by Boards Of Canada and this amazing music is titled “Happy Cycling”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of an old album which is titled ‘A Few Old Tunes’ and it was released in the year 1996.


Music Video below!.


Boards Of Canada Happy Cycling Download




[6:25: Reversed]


“… to tell us about backwards masking ??? and the Electric Light Orchestra. A whole crowd of … got all … because they thought that if … but, when it was hand-spun backwards on a turntable, and it said something like ‘Christ is inferno’. Anyway, it was enough to … cause some problems for ELO and Jeff Lynne in particular.”


(Jeff Lynne)

“It is absolutely …don’t ask why I said that. It didn’t say anything, anything of the sort. And uhm, that was total…in fact, it was a mistake, isn’t it. Because anyone who can write a song played forwards and have it say something else backwards has got to be some kind of genius, and that I ain’t! I was upset at first by the accusations, you know, but now, but now I would find them funny … we’re totally innocent of all those claims … and we’re all God-fearing chaps!”

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