Download free clean vinyl lp mp3 audio song by G-Unit and this music is titled “Wanna Get To Know You ft. Joe”.

Actually this Amazing music is popped out of her album which is titled ‘Beg for Mercy’ and it was released in the year 2003.


Listen up below with full lyrics!.



I wanna get to know ya

I really wanna f- you, baby

One dose of your loving

I know it gon’ drive me, crazy

I wanna be your lover

I wanna get to know you, baby

One dose of my loving

I know it gon’ drive you, crazy

I’m loving how you look in my eyes, swinging them hips when you pass

I’m visualizing my name tattooed on that a-, baby

Jump on this Harley, let’s go sm- some of that Bob Marley

Sip some Bacardi then go pull up at the after party

I think we make a perfect couple, but you think I’m trouble

Maybe that’s the reason you gave me the wrong number (What?)

She got me feeling like, maybe she the wrong woman

Think I’ma be chasing a chickenhead, you’re on something

Your toes painted, hair fixed all the time

And your Gucci boots the same color as mine

If you read…

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