John Mellencamp – No Better Than This

Download another hot old mp3 free audio song by John Mellencamp and this amazing music is titled “No Better Than This”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of an old album which is titled ‘No Better Than This’ and it was released in the year 2010.


Listen up below!.


John Mellencamp No Better Than This Lyrics

Give me twenty-five dollars

And drive me around downtown

Solve all my problems

Don’t let me lose what I’ve found

Give me good lovin’

And seal it with a kiss

Then drop me off where the music’s loud

But it won’t get no better than this

Take me to a party

Where I’m the only man

With fifty women waitin’ on me

Who say they understand

Feed me milk and honey

Give me a story that I’ll never miss

Let me get one good night’s sleep

But it won’t get no better than this

Give me clear vision

And don’t let me miss anything

I’ll take the bird that whistles

And the world on a string

Fill my fist full of money

In these troubled times

And let me share the water

With all, all of mankind

Give me back my youth

And don’t let me waste it this time

Stand me up at the golden gates

At the front of the line

Let me lie in the sunshine

Covered in the morning mist

Then show me something I ain’t never seen

But it won’t get no better than this


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