Roy Davis Jr. Gabriel – Audio, Mp3 & Lyrics (Download)

Roy Davis Jr. – Gabriel

Download another hot old mp3 free audio song by Roy Davis Jr. and this amazing music is titled “Gabriel”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of an old album which is titled ‘Gabriel’ and it was released in the year 1996.


Music Video below!.


Roy Davis Jr. Gabriel Download


Gabriel Lyrics

He was an archangel of love.

He had good news (good news good news).

For those dedicating their lives, to the spirit (spirit spirit).

Once, love was the focus of the true message (message message).

Ev-ery body felt attention.

Time was fading (fading), gabriel play… (horns) gabriel play (horns) mmm gabriel play, plaaay.

Gabriel play ay ay ay.

Dan-cing soon became a way to com-municate (municate municate.

If you love music deep in your soul.

Ga-briel playing playing hold on.

Hold on on…(horns) gabriel play (horns) gabrieeel play.

Yeah yeah yeah.

Gabriel plaaay ay.

Those that stand aside and watch…

The soul moving grooving moving grooving.


Clap your hands.

Be the one to show your love overflowing overflowing overflowing.

Gabriel play.

Sweet gabriel play.

Gabriel play.

Gabriel play.

Just release your soul to the love that’s holding you, that’s consoling you.

Your ** are dancing.

Wear it out.




Feeling so right cuz gabriel’s playing.

Clap your hands.

Gabri gabriel play ay.

Yeaaah yeah playing…

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