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Common – A Film Called (PIMP)


Download clean vinyl LP flac mp3 audio song by Common and this music is titled “A Film Called (PIMP) ft. Bilal, MC Lyte”.

Actually this wonderful track is popped out of his R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop/Rap album which is titled ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ and was released in the year 2000.


Listen up below with full lyrics.



You know, they call me a pimp, and you know what that mean

I’m a Person that’s Making Profit. See I pimp internationally

I’m nationally recognized, locally accepted

I pimp with the truth, that’s the only method

Seen her on Madison where Vice Lords be Travelin

And Chevy windows be rattlin

And badder than any other broads that I’ve seen in these parts

Her body language spoke like a smart remark, eyebrows arched

Thick lips, blond wig, nice tits, ass the size that I dig

Asked her the name, one way to approach her

See she had game, she needed me to coach her

Expose her to some paper, freedom and culture

The way a righteous pimp is supposed to

As he came closer in his eyes I seen fortune

I ain’t having it like abortion

Walking with this stick holding his tip

Looked like a Black Panther that was trying to pimp

It was cold as shit, I’m waitin on my ride

Act like I didn’t see him I tried

Motion denied

I felt the vibe like Roy Ayers

She was used to seeing pimps in furs and gators

Told her I’m an innovator, a gentlemen of leisure

That’s in tuned with nature, hold Common’s hand

I’m a take you to a pimps promise land

Where no man can break ya, break ya, break ya

Pimps, ho’s, hustlers, plans, dealers

Customers, and bodies stuck in it, Oh my god

Pimps, ho’s, hustlers, plans, dealers

Customers, and bodies stuck in it, Oh my god

{Hey girl, come on over here, check it out)

Make your next move your best move, choose me

How I look working for a nigga in a kufi

If I was on a track you couldn’t produce me

With them shits on your wrist looking goofy

I pimp without a pause, for the cause, I’m a rebel

You been on the streets I’m trying to take you to another level

You used to the same game, cats saying the same thang

Nigga you gone ho underground or ho mainstream

Nigga you must not know of me

I’m the mack here

Ought to have you ho for me (get real now)

Pimp yo punk ass

Have you write me poetry

I’m from a land called cash

You too slow for me

You know why?

I’m thinking bigger than Bagets

Birds in slick cars

Or have you on the corner trickin in strip bars

If you become mine the world would be ours

Respect the game, and universal laws

What, I oughta pimp slap your ass and make you fall against the wall

(try it)

Why you in the game if you ain’t even trying to ball

I know pimpin ain’t easy but damn you barely surviving

We can’t ride together cause you ain’t driving

(oh it’s like that)

Pimps, ho’s, hustlers, plans, dealers

Customers, and bodies stuck in it, Oh my god

Pimps, ho’s, hustlers, plans, dealers

Customers, and bodies stuck in it, Oh my god

You and I together is like Ashford and Simpson

Picture us elbow to elbow at the hustler’s convention

Think I’m gone risk my ass then give you the cash (yep)

That shit is the past

I got my own stable (where at)

I oughta pierce your navel and put you on the track

Matter of fact I been looking for a ho that’s abstract

Girl you getting beside yourself

I’m trying to guide you

Help you see inside yourself

I pimp with vision, I’m a help you see the light

Have you covering your body and have you eating right

I’m pimp ho’s, pimp pens, (Say what)

Pimp rhythms, pimp flows

Pimp men (and pimp what)

Pimp systems

Got stores called big pimpin (Where)

Down South

In Texas I ran the best ho house

I pimp from Brazil to um, Tokyo

Have Japanese broads sayin Choushi wa dou (Yea right)

Bring’em back to the states to turn dates from Europe

Made the dirtiest of hoes seem purer

I’m laughin cause you funny

I’m make bitch niggas like you have my money

I get six hundred off yo’ skinny ass weekly

You’ll get all them righteous hoes in that dashiki

Yo, what ever happened to loyalty

Don’t you want to become royalty

On the streets selling ass and oils for me

But you on this ho-asis and really I can’t reach you

Fuck you then I’m about to be a preacher

Well there you have it ya’ll

The story of pimps and hoes ya’ll know how it goes

It’s been the oldest profession

The whole thing is like a lesson

Ain’t no second guessin

Pimps ya’ll, hustlers

All that good shit

Yea, yea 2000 and forever

It’ll be here

Uh, uh aight cool