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Common – Heat ft. J Dilla


Download clean vinyl LP flac mp3 audio song by Common and this music is titled “Heat ft. J Dilla”.

Actually this wonderful track is popped out of his R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop/Rap album which is titled ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ and was released in the year 2000.


Listen up below with full lyrics.



[Intro: Common]

Yeah, one two..

Yeah, where my nigga Jay Dee?

Where ya at? (Yeah!)


[Hook: J Dilla & Common]

Say you got guns, then bring that shit

Say you got ones, then bring that shit

Cause you need a lot more ones and guns for this

Me and my mans is bout to spit some hot shit

Yeah, one two

Bout to spit that, hot shit

Huh whoo! Yeah

Turn it down nigga, hot shit



[Verse 1: Common]

Messenger in the Metropolis; apocalypse here and now

Niggas know the ledge, so they don’t come near the style

I appear in clouds on some heaven to earth shit

Fake niggas drown the deeper the verse gets

Deep as a skinny girl’s cunt – I surface with the purpose

To let y’all niggas know the demo

Voice is a instrument that’s monumental

You couldn’t fuck with the style if you was a nympho

Raised in the temple of Chi, taught to look into the eye

I identify with dobbs and weaves, and niggas makin moves

That bob and weave, and niggas with jobs on the side sell weed

I feed off the hunger that a bum or abandoned child gets

Freaky, like Marv Albert, in outfits, by Chaka Givens

I lecture how I got God but don’t got religion

Got a clip for these niggas on the net, sellin my shit

Let’s just say you Ramone and I’m Spit

In a habitat of Cadillacs and battle raps

And people that travel at the speed of need

Never agree with the ways of the world

Cats say anything – like they say to they girl

How you bringin it when you sit Indian style?

Niggas know me as Com it’s time hear me go wild

With hot shit, yeah

Hot shit, yeah, one two

Came to bring it boy


[Hook: J Dilla & Common ]

(You say you got guns, then bring that shit

You say you got ones, then bring that shit

Cause you need a lot more ones and guns for this

(to get my man see we bout to spit some hot shit

What? No doubt hot shit


[Verse 2: Common]

Old men see visions young men dream dreams

I rock the planet – recognize – I’m the C.R.E.A.M

Com Rules Everything and everything is

How yo’ man pullin yo’ weight – he ain’t carryin his

Scary the biz is like “The Blair Witch Project”

Experiment in rooms on some bare bitch project

State senators, life twirls, most sell out

– like a dread with a white girl

You want me to cypher with you and the Gods?

I just did a show – I’m pursuin these broads

Everyone I ain’t tryin to fuck

Wanna feel female presence and conversation a touch

You’ll get split like a date that’s dusk scuffed and scraped up

Taped up for tryin to say what – ever you was about to say

You rap like a nigga that’s about to spray

Get a mouth shot, for openin your mouth to say

Feel my heat in the night – it leaves you without the day

What I write is a passage for niggas to travel through

Before defeatin me – Joe, you better battle you

I tap into my own zone like it’s my home phone

Turn the cell off and let my dome roam

Shame I gotta do white labels to keep my life stable

I write fatal bringin niggas to life

A wise man came in the thick of the night

He said BRING THAT SHIT when you pick up the mic

I said, “What shit?”

He said HOT SHIT, hot shit, hot shit


[Hook: J Dilla & Common]

(You say you got guns, then bring that shit) uhhh

(You say you got ones, then bring that shit

Cause you need a lot more ones and guns for this) uhh

(me and my man, see we known to spit this) HOT SHIT

Hot shit, yeah, yeah, uhh

What we spit Jay? (Throw it down nigga)

HOT SHIT, uh, yeah, uh, c’mon, yeah (keep it goin)



HOT SHIT.. yeah, boy (keep it goin)

HOT SHIT.. out