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DMX – Sometimes

Sometimes by DMX


Internationally renowned American hip-hop and rap music creator, DMX drops out another amazing jam called “Sometimes”.

This intriguing record which appeared on her top charting album project called “The Great Depression” was officially released on 23 October 2001.

We would like you to add this undeniable hit song to your playlist, you won’t regret it yuh.

Listen up below!.




Sometimes I wonder what life’s about

Sometimes I wonder why the lights are out

Sometimes I wonder why I like to shout

Sometimes I wonder what the lies are ’bout

Sometimes I see things I shouldn’t have seen

Sometimes I wonder why I’m a hood and a fiend

Sometimes I look at what I’ve become and cry

Sometimes I get on that bullshit and be ready to die

Sometimes a nigga that’s your man might get it

Sometimes even though it’s sweet, if you ain’t with it

Sometimes the pain is too much to bear

Sometimes it rains too much to care

Sometimes if you don’t watch your back it’ll cost you

Sometimes you wonder who would give a fuck if they lost you

Yet sometimes the sun shines around the clock

But sometimes it’s dark, and Hell is hot