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Ja Rule – Destiny

Destiny (Outro) by Ja Rule


A Phenomenally talented American rapper and songwriter, Ja Rule returns with another earth shaking song titled “Destiny (Outro)”.

This intriguing record which appeared on his top charting album project called “The Last Temptation” was officially released on 19 November 2002.

We would like you to add this undeniable hit song to your playlist, you won’t regret it yuh.

Listen up below!.



Yeah, yo, yo, yo, yo! Holla (holla)

The Last Temptation, uh, we comin’ through now niggas

It’s a problem (a problem), it’s a problem (a problem)

Always has been, ha ha ha ayo Buck

Turn me up a lil’ bit in my motherfuckin’ headphones and shit

C’mon, and let these niggas know (niggas know)

Let ’em know


Motherfuckers y’all want war with the God, c’mon, y’all know better

I put holes in ya leather, reknit your sweater

And I bet the flow’s wetter than ocean front property

Better come at me properly

Niggas better off poppin’ me, but I believe

Y’all scared to clap them hammers

And the fact that I’m unpredictable, gives me the advantage

What the fuck, am I’m speakin’ Spanish, niggas?

What I got to tell y’all in detail how we murder niggas

Handle ya business

The Inc. is religious, murder’s the sacrifice

We throwin’ Ms niggas, that means murder for life

And I’ll die for that red and black

That house with the cheddar stack and the smiles on my kids faces

What could replace this?

This lil’ nigga here done come to grips with death to taste it

My air’s thick and filled with hatred

Surprise of that look in my eyes, but don’t be

I’m just following the footsteps the Lord done pave me

If I go crazily insane

I’ma blame it on the world, look what I became

‘Cause they give me all the fame and the money mayne

Made me an icon

So the world can catch a nigga with his lights on

That’s the pros and cons, ya never quite free

But just gimme a lil’ room so I can breathe

And my pain gon’ be the death of me

But to be loved is my destiny, my black people


Yeah (yeah), we out (we out)

Holla (holla holla)