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Jagged Edge – Where The Party At ft. Nelly


Download the clean mp3 audio song by Jagged Edge ft. Nelly and this music is titled “Where The Party At”.

Actually this wonderful track is popped out of his album which is titled ‘Jagged Little Thrill’ which was released in the year 2001.


Listen up below!.



Yo, you got five seconds to get to the dance floor

The roof about to blow, so so, let’s go

Uh haha, remix

All I see over here ain’t nothin’ but a lot of honies lookin’ for man

And niggas with a lot of money, bottles in they hand

And short shirts, honies tryin’ to show that slow (show that)

Lined up tryin’ to get through the velvet ropes

‘Cause over here when the jam drops everybody bug

Standin’ on the couches like this our club

Got the Bacardi and Cristal mixed in too (yeah)

Knowin’ in the morning I’m a feel the blues (uh huh)

But the jam keeps droppin’ and the drinks keep comin’

And the girls keep talkin’ to me (talkin’ to you)

I mean shit straight poppin’ everybody jumpin’

Makin’ it hard for me to leave (oh)

All you gotta do is call me and I’ll come runnin’ to where the party at

I keep a fat sack in the backpack

Know what’s happenin’

In every city I’m rappin’ in

If it’s a after splash I’m the last cat in

Kitty purrin’ tight like virgin

Like snow, flurrin’

The party begins when the slurpin’ ends (oh)

You do me, I do you

Spend a night with boo-boo

Let’s have a private party for two

But it’s gotta be pumpin’ in order for me to get cream

Run to the border for Colombian’s green

Studyin’ horticulture

My green thumb keeps them water vapors twistin’

I freak until I cum

I keeps it number one

Uh oh (uh oh oh oh)

Uh oh (uh oh oh oh)

Uh oh (yo, yo R.O.C.) (uh oh oh oh)

If the party’s where you’re at, just let me know

Now here we go, how ’bout another shot of Henny?

I heard the apple martini happen to help plenty

Mami ven aqui, the party’s over here!

But the hustlers, gangsters, thugs is over here!

Get wit’ us (why?)

We true ballers like the Sixers

We all hoppin’ out of sixes

Mines is black, Jermaine’s is champagne

Jagged Edge in the blue, platinum, and pearl white and gray

What a sight to be seen (uh)

So So Def’s the crew I thought you knew

It’s a beautiful thing (so beautiful)

I mean there’s nothin’ like us it’s true

The sun could retire if the rocks we got get any brighter


Once the man and the game that I kick begins

My nickname is ESPN

Now if ya jewels is blue and ya goose is gray

Mix in the O.J. and let’s party away

Uh oh (uh oh oh oh)

Uh oh (uh oh oh oh)

Uh oh (O-H-I-O C.O., six-four) (uh oh oh oh)

If the party’s where you’re at, just let me know

Yo, this lil’ cat got girls

Cat got flows, roll up in the party, snuck in the back door

I don’t mean no harm, I just heard it was rockin’

Let me party witcha ’til the cops come knockin’

I’m tryin’ to see what all the fuss about

Bounce a little bit before they put me out

I’m like the sun – this lil’ cat got beam

Got girls twenty-one wishin’ they was fourteen (haha)

That’s the affect that this phenom

Bow Weezy

When I do it I do it like it’s for TV

They might come close but you and I both know they can’t see me

I’m a So So Def representative

Young niggas in the game they was born to live

And we do what we do, we don’t talk no smack

And we always know where the party at, bling (bling bling)

Ay, where the party at? (Tell ’em)

Girls is on the way, where the Bacardi at? (J.E. y’all)

Models and models, talkin’ all of that

Know I can’t forget about my thugs (C’mon)

(Where the party at?)

And all my girls (Yeah)

(Where the party at?)

Up in the club (Uh, yo)

(Where the party at?) (Tigah)

If they party’s where you’re at, let me here you say

Man I rip flows, get dough everytime I rip shows

Rip hoes, when we mash out in Chevy’s and fours

Niggas know they ain’t heard it like this before

Whenever we pull up on the strip they like “Oh!”

Chickens know me, hundred dollar mac and shorts

Tank tops and Polies

If it’s ’bout cash, I’m gas chick, I’m on E

On e’rything

Me and Jagged, everytime we hit the club

This nigga’s off the chain!

You can believe that

And if you don’t, come on down here where you can see that

Anything you wanna be, best believe I be’s that (oh)

Where the G’s at?

Where the keys at?

Where the twenty-two’s on them SUV’s at?

Gotta have that from the do’

And gotta get me some mo’

Man you think I’m goin’ on a groupie, no

Spot me with a fifth in the velvet room

Crown Royale while J.E. spit this velvet tune

It’s over (over)