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Lucky Dube – You’ve Got a Friend


Download another hot clean free mp3 audio song lyrics meaning by Lucky Dube and this music is titled “You’ve Got a Friend”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of his old trended album which is titled ‘Taxman’ which was released in the year “1997”.


Listen up with music video below!.






I still believe in a little bit of magic

Even though the world has gone crazy

So good to know we still have a friend

You came to me last night

And whispered in my ear

Told me not to worry

About anything yeah

You said you are still my friend

And the feeling is mutual

Right here

Thabo Thabo my friend Thabo

Thabo Thabo your friend Thabo Thabo Thabo our friend Thabo

I believe…

You’ve got a friend in me

You’ve got a friend

Don’t have to worry no more

Go! Go! Tabo Your fears will be my fears

Your dreams will be my dreams too

Even your joys will be my joys too

‘Cause a friend in need

Is a friend indeed

I love Thabo

You love Thabo

Thabo we love you

Go! Go! Go! Thabo

You’ve got a friend

Don’t have to worry no more